Next-level scrolling made super simple.

Adding scrolling to your prototypes is as easy as defining a scrollable area and then connecting it to any frame. Want to get more advanced? Create horizontal and vertical scrolling in the same frame. Framer X does the work for you.

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More than just page transitions.

Add simple page transitions and customize direction, momentum, and more. Or choose from the motion effects menu to create everything from swipeable lists to iOS date pickers to 3D card transitions.

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Build prototypes with working components.

Make your prototypes feel real by adding interactive components. Drag and drop animations, data, and rich media elements straight onto your canvas and then customize everything through custom UI. All components are backed by code, bringing you that much closer to development.

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The world’s largest component store.

Dynamic maps, YouTube players, working inputs, draggable sliders, and so much more. Compose entire interfaces out of pre-built components, all customizable through UI. The Framer X Store is a free design resource, powered entirely by the community and teams like Dropbox, Snapchat, Twitter, and more.

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“Framer allows designers to quickly iterate and user test a dozen different concepts, which drastically cuts down on development time.“

Paul Stamatiou , Twitter

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We recently introduced Frames and Shapes, so some information in these videos may be outdated. To learn more visit our Help Center.